Monday, March 21, 2016

Wreaths, Birdhouses, and Bookmarks

Spring is here!

This means making floral wreaths, painting birdhouses and adding pom pom trim to the roof because even birds deserve a little whimsy, playing with my Cricut and making a sparkly Alice in Wonderland bookmark, making a lucky charm necklace, and knitting up a bunny.

Besides my crafting, I also listened to the audiobook The Girl on the Train. I've had people at the library recommending it to me for the past year and I finally got around to it and now I know what all the fuss is about! It was so good! It was one of those stories where I would purposely take the long route or stay in the heavy traffic lane so I could listen to more of the story. If you haven't read it, then make sure you do before the movie comes out.

I also just binge watched War and Peace. I recorded the mini series when it first aired and it sat on my DVR unwatched for weeks. I didn't know much about the story except it was about aristocratic families in Russia. I never felt in the mood for it as I thought it might be a stiff, boring story but I thought to myself, "give it a try." I certainly wasn't going to read the 1200 page book (really, whose got time for that?!) so I did indeed give the show a try. And I was hooked from the first episode! It was beautifully filmed and the characters were so wonderfully diverse. And it was not stiff and boring. It was vibrant and intense. I think I just might have to check out the book.

So, that's how I've started my spring and I hope you all are having a lovely beginning to your spring too.

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