Tuesday, September 8, 2015

DIY: Tassel Necklace

I love statement necklaces. They add a nice touch of whimsy to a basic outfit. I made my own tassel necklace and it was so easy that you can make one, too!

chain necklace
10 mm jump rings
embroidery floss

Pull your embroidery floss through the jump ring.

Cut the ends of the embroidery floss.

Carefully take out five strands.

Use those five strands to make a double knot under the jump ring.

Make sure your knot is secure!

Snip off the extra strands coming from the top of the knot.

Trim your tassel to desired length.

Slide your tassel onto your chain.

Repeat with other embroidery floss until you have an ombre tassel necklace!

Happy Making!

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