Monday, August 31, 2015

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

I got this book at comic-con and was so excited to read it as I've heard such great things about it. It didn't disappoint. Unfortunately it doesn't hit the shelves until January but here are 5 reasons you should be eager for this book:

1. Safiya and Iseult: This book is about friendship and the loyalty that comes with the bond between best friends. I love how fierce these young women are as individuals and how they're even more ferocious together. My favorite chapters are when they're together kicking ass.

2. Merik: I love a good slow burn romance. Merik is a prince trying to save his people, which requires helping Safiya and any scene with the two of these together is full of great tension. You never know if you want them to fight or kiss.

3. Aeduan: Every book needs a good foe.  My favorite kind of foe is the one where you're not sure if you hate them or like them. He's a great opponent for Safiya and Iseult and raises the stakes of the story but he's not simply evil or one-dimensional. He's the kind of character you want to dig deeper at. You know he's got secrets.

4. Sea foxes: These sea creatures are scary and are part of one of the best action scenes of the book. Plus the drama that follows this attack is so so good! The mythical creatures and magic of this story is fantastic and wonderfully different from other fantasies.

5. The mysterious characters: There are characters that are introduced in this book that leave the reader curious and wanting more--the puppeteer, Empress of Marstok, Aeduan's father, Iseult's mother and so on. You know these characters will show up in the next book and I'm eager to see if they turn out to be friends or foes of Safiya and Iseult.

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