Sunday, June 5, 2016

Books, Florals, and Lambs

I swear a few weeks ago it felt like spring. The weather was pleasant. There was a cool breeze in the air. It was perfect for a light jacket and silk scarf. But now it's 100 plus degrees. Summer is here. A few happening in these beginning days of unoffical summer:

I made beer-battered artichoke hearts from the book The Forest Feast and this recipe is a keeper. These artichokes were addicting. I served them with a jalapeno-arugula aioli that made the artichokes even more divine. I highly recommend The Forest Feast if you are looking for good veggie recipes!

I'm currently reading The Rose and the Dagger. It's full of brooding men and frustrating heroines, which makes for an intense read. It's the sequel to The Wrath and the Dawn. I highly recommend this series if you're looking for a fantasy/romance read.

Besides, the beer-battered artichoke hearts, I've also made pasta using my Philips Pasta Maker. I'll be honest, I've tried more than once to make pasta on my own and have failed. This pasta maker is a good way to cheat. The pasta comes out wonderfully.

And, I've got one more cookbook recommendation for you. Eating in the Middle had the most delicious salmon recipe. The brown sugar and chili rubbed salmon with avocado crema will turn any salmon hater into a lover.

I found a floral dress at Macy's a few weeks ago and fell in love with it but decided against buying it. Then that night I was still thinking about it so decided to get it online. Couldn't find it! I thought it wasn't meant to be. But just this week I came across this dress again and knew this time I couldn't say no. It has a vintage flair to it that I love. Wearing it just makes me feel happy. I'm trying to buy clothes that bring joy instead of conforming to a trend and this dress fits that perfectly.

And lastly, I'm knitting a lamb. I'm always knitting something and most times I know what I'm doing but for making this lamb, which comes from Itty-Bitty Toys, I had to work on a technique I wasn't experienced in. I love it when I get to learn something new. My confidence grows and that feeling of accomplisment leaves me with a high for the rest of the day.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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