Sunday, November 15, 2015

Snowflake Hairpin

November, you are going way too fast! I'm trying to savor every misty morning, fallen leaf, and crisp day. I love this time of year. The world just feels more magical. Winter and the holidays are right around the corner. Everyone is a little bit more cheerful, kinder. People are practicing gratitude and compassion. I wish it could be like this every day of the year and it ought to be. We should practice theses traits on a daily basis. Every morning I read the news and there is another tragedy, another heartache. We ought to connect more with one another. The best way I know of connecting with people is through making and sharing. So, this weekend I made a snowflake hairpin!

Making hairpins is really quite the easiest thing. Plus, they make great little gifts for people. All you need is a button, hairpin, E6000, and scissors. Your button can be of anything but I choose a snowflake to fit the time of year. Just cut off the shank, dab your button with the E6000, and stick your hairpin on. Ta-da!

Hope you having a lovely November!

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