Monday, October 5, 2015

Yarn Wrapped Letters: Boo!

I'll be honest. Within the first fifteen minutes of this project, I thought: I'm never doing this again! I initially thought that this would be easy and for the most part the Os were, but that B killed me. It took me forever to wrap the yarn around it, and I would end up getting frustrated because it would look funky and then I'd have to start over. At some point I just stopped caring and finished the darn thing. This is why in the first picture I thought I would do each letter a different color but my black yarn was so much thicker than the others and would get the job done faster so I stuck with it for all the letters. I guess this is one of those crafts that just looks better on pinterest. Next time, I'll just paint my letters. Screw the yarn. I'll stick to knitting with it than trying this again.

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