Monday, September 21, 2015

Ghost Garland

This ghost garland kit came from Martha Stewart. I bought it a couple weeks ago and was trying to wait until October to make it but couldn't wait. I'm already putting up Halloween decorations. I couldn't resist! I love this time of year and all the anticipation for the upcoming holidays! Plus, it was a nice break to work on this and get away from writing.

This was a fairly simple craft and you don't necessarily need to buy the kit but sometimes I don't want to think too hard on my crafts. I like it when someone does all the work for me and I just do the fun part of putting it together.

Wrap cotton balls with tissue paper, tie it together with ribbon, and put on ghost faces with stickers or a black marker. Easy!

Another thrifty and easy Halloween craft are these milk jug ghosts. I did this a few years back and still use them during Halloween.

Have a favorite Halloween craft? Are you already in the Halloween spirit? 

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