Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Be Like a Sloth

I'm slow. I'm also impatient. This usually leads to me being frustrated at myself. NaNoWriMo is coming up and I know I won't make it to 50K by the end of November. This time I won't get frustrated with myself because I can't write fast. I need to enjoy the process of getting the words down and that means allowing myself the time I need.

I'm making it a goal to stop looking at clocks so much. To allow myself to be in a moment whether that moment is writing, working, knitting or baking.

Enjoy the motions of your life.

Plus sometimes, it's good to do things slowly.  Here are five:

1. Waking up.
Take deep breaths. Stretch beneath the covers. Take a moment to feel cozy and warm. Pay attention to the sounds of a new day starting...of new possibilities and beginnings.

2. Eating/Drinking.
Hot coffee or tea on a cold day. Apple pie warm out of the oven. Things like that demand to be savored.

3. Unwrapping.
It makes a gift a little sweeter as you linger with anticipation while undoing the wrapping paper.

4. Reading.
Sometimes you just don't want books to end. You are so madly in love with it that you take your time with each page, wishing the book would sprout another hundred pages.

5. Embraces.
Your dog greeting you when you get home. A hug from a child. A kiss from a loved one. Holding your grandma's hand.

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