Saturday, March 7, 2015

Easter Bunny Garland

It's just after 10am and I already feel productive and accomplished for the day. That's what happens when you craft on a Saturday morning.

There isn't a single decoration up for Easter and I just couldn't handle it so I whipped up a quick Easter bunny garland.

The only thing I had to buy for this craft were the pom poms. If you love making garland for every holiday or occasion like I do, I suggest buying a cone of baker's twine. It'll last you a while.

The part that took the longest was cutting out all the little bunnies. But if you put on some music it's actually a soothing task. For my garland, I cut out twelve bunnies.

When I began, I couldn't find the hot glue gun and then, of course, when someone else goes looking for it, it turns up.

Oh, look how cute it is all strung up! A little festivity in the family room! Is there anything better than a quick craft project that makes you want to eat chocolate eggs? No, I didn't think so either!

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